Day 6 – June 23, 2001

Mountain Home, ID to Boise, ID

49.72 miles
12.55 average speed
11:30am we put on spandex
4:30pm we took off spandex
3:57.42 total ride time
449.54 total trek miles

            Today was our shortest day since Monday.  Even still our bodies are in drastic need of recovery and so this shorter day and tomorrow’s day of rest are welcome.  On one hand it is amazing to think that our first week is over, but on the other the day we left seems like months ago.  I suppose that happens when you are forced to count every mile.

            We are staying this weekend with the Bates Family, a family Rocky, Dan and I know from California.  They are treating us, again, royally and driving us around on all our “biking” errands.

            I feel I must mention, though, before I take you to the lovely, air conditioned Bates’ home, some of the characteristics surrounding this home.  In fact, I will focus on just one characteristic.  Any of you who know the Bates can probably imagine where they live.  Yes, on a hill.  Now this isn’t any ordinary hill.  You need to imagine it.  It’s very easy too – I’ll tell you how:  Go and look at the wall behind your computer.  Where the ceiling meets the wall, imagine a house with a driveway and a lawn.  At the bottom of the wall, picture five crazy-looking bikers.  Now, connect those two points with a road, enlarge it several hundred times, and that’s the hill – no – the mountain we climbed to the Bates.  On the phone they compared it to a mountain.  They understated.  But, thankfully, we’re here and happy and looking forward to a day of rest and then hitting road on Monday.  Thanks for tuning in.


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