Day 5 Ė June 22, 2001

Twin Falls, ID to Mountain Home, ID

94.43 total miles
13.27 average speed
8:15am departed Twin Falls
9:00pm arrived in Mountain Home
7:06.43 total ride time
399.82 total trek miles

††††††††††† We woke up pretty early but didnít get out until around eight.The first part of the day was fine:We were full of energy and life.Then came the hills, one hill right after another.Then another hill right after that.And then another.They never stopped.We did stop, however, several times.At one point, we were fairly convinced that our rendezvous with death had arrived.Somehow, Iím not sure how, we pedaled to Mountain Home, ate at Jack in the Box and got a motel room.Exciting, huh?


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