Day 44 – July 31, 2001

Dana Point, CA, U.S.A to Tijuana, Mexico

96.46 miles
13.29 average speed
7:15.27 ride time
8:00am departed
6:00pm arrived
2,750.92 total trek miles

           I think we all slept fitfully that night knowing that the morning would begin our last day of the trek.  People have sometimes asked if we are sad the trip is ending, or if we have mixed feelings about it.  If the end of the trip also marked the end of our helping the EB kids, then we should be quite sad, but it does not.  EB has not seen the last of us.

                Even though it was our last day, it was still a long way to Mexico.  We stopped seldom and rode steadily to San Diego and down into San Ysidrio.  Joey broke a million spokes, of course, but that has become simply a matter of course.  A couple miles from the border we met up with Jake and Joey’s Dad who had come to pick us up and bring us back to their home in Las Vegas for the night.  Then we rode the last miles into Mexico, crossing the border, taking pictures of  “Bienvenidos a Mexico” signs.  We all returned to the US without a hitch, except, of course, Dan, who decided to take a picture of the U.S. Customs Department.  Apparently there had been rumors circulating about International spies disguised as cyclists and so the guard almost confiscated his camera.  He gave it back I think, once he realized there’s nothing really interesting to take picture of in the Customs area.

                So we ate at In ‘n’ Out Burgers, as much grease as we wanted.  It felt great.  And now we’re in Las Vegas and today will make the drive to Provo where we will begin real life again.


           We would like to give special thanks to all of the people who helped make this whole trip happen. The hospitality and kindness of countless families along the way made us feel right at home though we were many miles from ours. Many bike shops gave us discounted or free service when we were in dire need.

           We would also like to thank our sponsors. Without Nu Skin we wouldn't have had enough funds. Without Specialized we wouldn't have had helmets and shoes (now that would have been tough). Without Aardvark Cycles, we wouldn't have had almost all our gear (that would have been really tough!). And lastly, but most of all, we thank our families whose support and love helped us do something many thought was impossible.