Day 43 – July 30, 2001

Huntington Beach, CA to Dana Point, CA

23.57 Miles
16.23 Average Speed
1:27:08 Ride Time
1:00 pm Departure
2:45 pm Arrival
2654.46 Total Trek Miles

We decided to have our smallest mileage day of the trip today,  but try to ride the miles as fast as we could.  After a relaxing weekend with B-rock and Burke we left Huntington Beach in the afternoon immediately after the sun came out in full strength.

 Our morning was spent in the local bike shop because Jake needed to have his rim trued.  We looked around the shop and found ourselves drooling over the lightweight, expensive road bikes.  I think each one of us would like to have a day without weight just to see how fast we could go.  The idea of an unloaded bike will have to wait a few more days (not many though).

 While leaving “Surf City” we passed the Junior National Surf Championships and quite a few hecklers.  I find it interesting that guys who walk around in skintight wetsuits bark at us for wearing bicycling clothing.  How much thicker is neoprene?

 The ride went extremely quick.  After an hour and a half of some rolling hills and city stop lights we arrived in Dana Point to stay with Ron Hoopes’ wife’s Family (Dan’s older brother).  We took the afternoon to go down to the beach and experience a little sunny Southern California.  We body surfed and tried to work on our horrible tan lines.  I don’t think we made much progress, but we got quite a few double takes.

 Ron’s wife, Erica made us an outstanding dinner that we devoured after watching the Tour de France highlight show on OLN.  Lance is a stud.  We are all going to make sure we have OLN for next July.

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