Day 42 – July 29, 2001

Huntington Beach, CA

Day of Rest 

The Huntington Beach singles ward doesn’t start until 2:00 so we spent one of the laziest Sunday mornings in recorded history.  B-Rock and Burke were ever the gracious hosts as we ate breakfast, watched the Tour on TV and sat around.  All five of us were pretty stoked to go to church that morning.  I would like to say that it was so that we could learn important gospel principles and feel of the spirit, but I am ashamed to admit that our excitement had more to do with eye candy than anything spiritual.  Church as always was excellent and we ran into a few friends that were there from Provo.  After church we ate a delicious meal cooked by Andrew and Dawn (a neighbor of B-Rock and Burke), watched Bottle Rocket, and went to bed.

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