Day 4 – June 21, 2001

Malta, ID to Twin Falls, ID

84.22 total miles
15.81 average speed
8:35am departed Malta
8:30pm arrived in Twin Falls
5:19.38 total ride time
305.39 total trek miles

            Today was probably our fastest riding day so far.  We made excellent time from Malta to Burley, traveling about thirty-eight miles in two hours.  When we arrived in Burley, we stopped at a certain Zane Parker’s house.  We had never met him before but he and his wife Jean were extremely hospitable.  They fed us a great lunch and actually had a newspaper reporter come to interview us and the article with a picture came out the next day.  We crashed on their floor for about an hour and left their lovely home at around four o’clock.

            Our ride to Twin Falls was uneventful.  We just rode.  At Twin Falls we stayed with Cary Roger’s (Rocky’s sister) old Mission Presidents, the Starleys.  We had an enormous dinner and slept on some of the softest couches ever made.


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