Day 38 – Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Big Sur, CA to San Simeon State Park, CA

71.76 Miles
12.34 Average Speed
5:48:43 Ride Time
9:15 am Departure
8:00 pm Arrival
2336.40 Total Trek Miles

            After almost a full week of wonderful company and people other than the five of us with whom to associate, we awoke this morning to the dismal realization that we were alone – together – once again. A few monster coastal climbs awaited us today and the first one greeted us from the get go. Anyone who has been on a long distance tour knows that it is during the seemingly never-ending climbs that one begins to lose their mind. Luckily, we have found the antidote. It’s “The Game.” The content of The Game is confidential, but we can tell you that it involves girls. Well, talking about them, anyway. So, pretty much, if you are a girl that we know, we’ve most likely talked about you during The Game. But ask any participants if they remember the hills from Big Sur to San Simeon. Hills? What hills?

            We arrived in San Simeon Village quite early and had planned on going farther, but it made more sense to take advantage of the $1 camping fee for bicyclists at the State Park. So we put off the “long day” until tomorrow and stopped for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Something strange happens when five people are all doing the same thing. You crave the same food. We always seem to order the same meals and tonight was no exception. As we examined the menu, our eyes fell on the phrase, “Are you really hungry?” It was followed by the description of the “Big Macho Burrito.” Our waiter described it as three pounds of two meats, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and tortilla. That sounded ideal to Dan, Jake, and Joey – three Big Macho Burritos, please. Let me tell you about the size of this thing. It was a little more than three pounds, I’m sure. It was nigh unto 15 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter. Dan took it DOWN, of course, and licked the plate without a complaint. I think his secret is the “velociraptor move” – he unlocks his jaw and opens his mouth wide enough to fit a small rodent inside. Joey, once left for dead, was rejuvenated by the sight of Dan’s empty plate and found the stomach space to finish off the monster. Jake just got worked over by the Big Macho and hung his head in defeat. Always the sensible one, Jake knows it is not wise to kill yourself in the name of competitive eating. It makes a lot more sense to kill yourself on a bike.

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