Day 37 – Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Santa Cruz, CA Big Sur, CA

79.69 Miles
13.45 Average Speed
5:55:19 Ride Time
10:15am Departure
7:30pm Arrival
2264.64 Total Trek Miles

            I have been asked by the EBTrek team to do one of these special daily updates. I am only Rocky’s sister, and I am not anywhere close to being as clever as Andrew, or any of the other Trekkers. Therefore, I will not even try to be as funny as any of those crazy guys.

            We had the privilege of spending 5 days with the 5 bikers, and Tuesday was the last of these 5 days. The boys took their sweet time in the morning and started riding around 10:15am. My dad, Bob, rode with them to Big Sur, and my mom, Laurie, and I tried to follow them. Tried is the key word here, since we only followed them about 10 miles out of the the whole 179 miles we were on the road with them.

            We think they are crazy after watching what they didn't have to ride on Highway 1. There was no shoulder. It is a road that is full of "S" curves and hills, and it is scary enough in a car. The scenery is spectacular though. The ocean views that you catch are unbelievable. We brought them Togo’s sandwiches and fruit about 35 miles into their day, and we did not see them again until the last 10 miles of the day.

            They had to wind through the town of Carmel, and somehow we missed them along the way. I just want to interject, and once again thank the boys, for not having a support vehicle the entire trip. Although it would have been nice for them, it would have been very challenging for the supporting drivers! My mom and I were exhausted after 2 days and we did not even touch a bike! The day ended at Big Sur, where there were only 3 open Motel rooms in the entire town. So, we had a nice meal at the The River Inn, and we bid the bikers farewell.

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