Day 27 July 14, 2001

Klamath, CA to McKinleyville, CA

54.80 Miles
13.99 Avg Speed
3 hours 45 min 59 sec ride time
10:30 AM departure
4:00 PMarrival

            I am going to take my first stab at writing a daily update. (This is Jake by the way) I thought I would take this chance to tell you a little about the mistakes in estimated mileage and difficulty of route that we are constantly making. You have not heard much about these gross errors because normally I am the one making them and the person writing the update (mostly Andrew) is just a little to kind to mention most of them.

            Today we woke up late at the Trees of Mystery Motel thinking that we had a easy ride of about 35 miles with only a few easy climbs and a good amount of flat. Some of the guys ate a big breakfast, some slept in and others watched TV. We finally took off a little after 10:00 and headed out. I even checked my estimations with the guy at the 76 Station who agreed that it was only about 30 miles and relatively flat. In the immortal words of one of Dan Hoopes, "that guy must have a well-lit house because he smoked all his drapes."

            Instead of an easy 35 mile ride we had a wicked 55 mile one with some of the most difficult series of hills we have yet experienced along the coast. On about mile 20 a strong head wind picked up which most assuredly would have been our demise had Dan not faithfully taken his customary spot at the front of the pack, breaking wind for us less talented riders. Despite the wind hills, extra mileage and poor information about the terrain we made it.

            This all-important fact brings me to another point that I feel the need to make. I will remove myself from what I am about to say and simply make this comment about Rocky, Andrew, Dan, and Joey. Very few times in my life have I seen a group of people with a better ability to do what they say they will do! It is an amazing thing to see. You parents would be proud. Come rain, enormous hills, knee problems, ankle problems, bad drivers, fog, cold, hot, anything difficult that you can possibly imagine, these guys do what they say they will do and make it where they say they will. (Half the time dragging me along kicking and screaming.)

            Well, the library is closing and the lady is kicking us off of the computer so I guess this ends another day.


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