Day 23 - July 10, 2001

Tillamook, OR to Yachats, OR

100.00 miles
15.12 average speed
6:36.43 travel time
8:00am departed
6:00pm arrived
1457.26 total trek miles

            Before I begin I must admit something that I hope you will all excuse because it is a first time offense. One of the statistics above is a lie. You can probably guess which one it is. I mean, what are the chances of riding exactly 100 miles? Well, I'll tell you - they aren't very good. But you gotta understand - we have Rocky with us and he loves even numbers. The story is (and we're stickin' to it) that when we rolled into the motel in Yachats (DON'T ask us to pronounce that) the odometer read "99.97." So we told Joey to ride around in circles until it turned to 100 miles. We're really sorry and we promise we've not fudged any other numbers. We just really wanted that century. If anyone has a big problem with this, just let us know and we'll ride backwards to make up for it.

            Today we had a great ride. We got a nice early start and after about forty miles of riding inland, we rode the coast all the way into Yachats. A tail wind is a beautiful thing and it was beautiful all the way today. In Lincoln City we stopped at the local Wendy's to get some baked potatoes. The staff there was something else. It was run by bunch of high schoolers who were trying really hard to do it right but just didn't seem to have it in 'em. They were interested, though, in what we are doing and I'd like to think we now have an "in" with the Lincoln City Wendy's.


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