Day 18 July 5, 2001

Port Angeles, WA to Forks, WA

60.04 miles
13.19 average speed
4:32:59 travel time
10:00am departed
5:00pm arrived
1091.06 total trek miles

            After a full day of resting, we set out again on our bikes to ride the Northwestern Coast of the United States. Although we planned an early start, we didn't leave Port Angeles until mid-morning. On our way out, Dan found a Mail Boxes, Etc. store that provided many needed services for us. We checked email, purchased some calling cards, mailed some things back to Provo, and chatted with Craig (the storeowner) about the best route to take towards Oregon. Craig provided some needed competent help as we decided to head west on Highway 101 or as the signs read all along it, "The Scenic Pacific Coast Byway."

            The morning hours took us through Olympic National Park. The deep green, sharp edged mountains accompanied our ride on the left while we could see the water on our right. The winds were kind to us until we passed by a couple of mountain lakes. While riding past Crescent Lake our fearless number one man, Dan, pushed through the wind, making it easier for the rest of us. This has become quite a common occurrence on the trip as Dan, never tires. On one fifteen mile stretch of the ride, Andrew proudly pushed the "Bikers on the Road" button. This activated some yellow streetlights that warned drivers of our presence. The road was windy with very little shoulder room, so the warning provided us with a small measure of safety, or at least we felt like it did. Our always accommodating Andrew also provided some entertainment for the group as a dare to jump in Crescent Lake became a reality. Please see us after the Trek for the documented video of this bone chilling event.

            Olympic National Park is a beautiful place to ride a bike. Luckily we were blessed with warm, sunny weather. This allowed us to witness the amazing landscape of the Pacific Northwest. We were also able to be educated in the ways of logging. As we rode into Forks we made a necessary stop at a local bike shop to fix a broken spoke on Jake's rear wheel. While waiting for the repair to be made, we made friends with some local boys. These kids were cool. They introduced us to the clothing, machinery and hobbies of the locals there in Forks. Three out of the five of them wore the traditional denim logging pants with suspenders. These were and instant hit to a bunch of city boys. Dan, Andrew and Joey decided to make a special purchase at the local ThriftMart to pick up some of these pants. They're hoping to make quite a fashion statement once we all return to Provo.

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