Day 17 July 4, 2001

Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, WA

Play Day
1031.02 total trek miles

            As the description above indicates we had very little to do with our bikes today. We just hung around Victoria, absorbing the cool northwestern summer. Some of us rented scooters and some of us stayed afoot, but all of us avoided one another like a nail in the road. It was a needed break from our constant society and we all enjoyed the hours alone. But, by the time our ferry was to leave for Port Angeles, we were all lonely and welcomed the sight of one another, indicating that the separation was perhaps healthy.

You'll notice that Joey has taken lessons and has mastered the art or open-mouth sleeping demonstrated by Dan on the Clipper, see Day 16.

I should note here the change in our immediate schedule. We decided not to go up to Vancouver, but instead to make Victoria our turn around spot. Important time constraints prompted this decision and, since it does not affect our final mileage goal, we thought it wise to change as the need arose.

            The ferry to Port Angeles was unpleasant indeed. A veritable gale raced across the channel, stoking up five to ten foot swells that rocked the enormous ferry easily. The wind decked several passengers who dared to venture out against it, injuring one of them slightly. It also did wonders for our landlocked stomachs, as you might imagine, so that our appetites upon arrival were not all that they could have been. But we watched the fireworks as we rolled and pitched into Port Angeles, satisfied to have been in Canada but glad to be back home.

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