Day 12 June 29, 2001
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Sunnyside, WA - Yakima, WA

43.81 miles
14.95 average speed
2:20pm departed
5:00pm stopped in Washington
2:55:52 total ride time
855.14 total trek miles

We learned our lesson. Yesterday our bodies were screaming for us to stop and we didn't, so today we finally listened. We woke up when we woke up, which was late because we were sleeping in the basement. We ate a leisurely breakfast, played with the children, and slowly prepared for our daily ride. Joey and I have been having some knee problems which we have tried to keep quiet, but since they're getting better we feel we can now mention them. Mary, at whose house we were staying, gave both of us a essential oil massage that made both our knees feel fantastic. Going the extra mile was when she stayed up 'til midnight making us dinner. Massaging our knees was something different altogether. It's not that she just massaged the knees of two college-age guys. She massaged the knees of two guys with shaved legs. That, my friends, is sacrifice.
            The ride to Yakima was uneventful and fast. We were all feeling good and strong and we arrived in good time. While we were riding the freeway, we did see a young woman crouched behind a TV camera pointed at us, but we, like idiots, didn't stop to ask why. Luckily, there is no justice in this world but it is filled with mercy, so shortly after we arrived at the home where we were to stay the night that same reporter called to interview us. We were on the eleven o'clock news. Yes!
             The family we're staying with tonight are the parents of the family we stayed with last night. They are treating us like their own children. They got us dinner, let us soak in the hot tub, and baked us cookies. Most of us have been very gracious and have thanked them appropriately. Dan, however, must not have been particularly thankful because he knocked their screen door off its tracks. He'd like us to think it was "unintentional" but we all know Dan has a lot of pent up aggression that he's been waiting to take out on stranger's sliding doors. He probably just wanted more Hawaiian pizza with ranch dressing.

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