Day 1 – June 18, 2001

Provo, UT to Salt Lake City, UT

40.19 miles
13.97 average speed
2:52.39 saddle time
41.00 rest time
3:33.39 total time

We woke up in our own beds the last time for about six weeks.  None of us is very upset about that since the smell of bikes, grease, tires, and the five of us had accumulated and grown to be somewhat noxious.

At noon, the camera crew from KUTV Channel 2 arrived as promised and we all lined up outside on the street with our laden bikes, our bodies clad in lycra and our newly shorn skulls shining like new dimes.  Dan gave a stellar interview, two and a half seconds of which aired, and we rode off, joined by Andrew’s father, Fred, at around twelve-thirty in front of a trailing KUTV van.

Many friends gathered to see our departure, the most notable of whom was Jamie Gibson.  She, sadly, has the disease EB. Before we left, however, she gave us all bead necklaces she had made for good luck, a gift that was especially significant, coming from someone whose optimism and love inspires our dedication to this cause.

The ride itself was, luckily, uneventful (Thanks Jamie!).  We had a pretty nagging head wind over the Point of the Mountain, which made the climb a bit steeper, but manageable nevertheless.  State Street needs some rather immediate repair of the damage it undoubtedly received from being the detour of choice of those repairing Interstate 15.  That slightly ironic circumstance will prompt us to use an alternate route tomorrow.  As interesting as that is to all our readers, we will move on to saying that we arrived safely and happily to Rocky’s Grandmother’s house, where we will stay the night.

We’d like to take a moment to thank all those who helped us get on our way.  We won’t name you, but you know who you are and we know who you are. We are better because of you and that is enough.

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