Actual Route Taken

Last Updated- 1 August 2001

  Week One  
1. Mon, June 18th
Provo, UT - Salt Lake City, UT
40.19 miles
  2. Tues, June 19th
Salt Lake City, UT - Tremonton, UT
90.79 miles
3. Wed, June 20th
Tremonton, UT - Malta, ID
90.19 miles
4. Thurs, June 21st
Malta, ID - Twin Falls, ID
84.22 miles
5. Fri, June 22nd
Twin Falls, ID - Mountain Home, ID
94.43 miles
6. Sat, June 23rd
Mountain Home, ID - Boise, ID
49.72 miles
  7. Sun, June 24th
Boise, ID - Day of Rest
Week One Mileage
449.54 miles
Week Two    
8. Mon, June 25th
Boise, ID - Fruitland, ID
57.83 miles
9. Tues, June 26th
Fruitland, ID - Baker City, OR
84.93 miles
10. Wed, June 27th
Baker City, OR - Pendleton, OR
111.03 miles
11. Thurs, June 28th
Pendleton, OR - Sunnyside, WA
108.00 miles
12. Fri, June 29th
Sunnyside, WA - Yakima, WA
43.81 miles
13. Sat, June 30th
Yakima, WA - Cle Elum, WA
67.34 miles
14. Sun, July 1st
Cle Elum, WA - Day of Rest
Week Two Mileage
472.94 miles
Week Three    
15. Mon, July 2nd
Cle Elum, WA to Issaquah, WA
84.04 Miles
16. Tues, July 3rd
Issaquah, WA to Victoria, B.C.
24.50 miles
17. Wed, July 4th
Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, WA
Play Day
18. Thurs, July 5th
Port Angeles, WA to Forks, WA
60.04 miles
19. Fri, July 6th
Forks, WA to Aberdeen, WA
110.97 miles
20. Sat, July 7th
Aberdeen, WA to Astoria, OR
81.12 miles
21. Sun, July 8th
Astoria, OR - Day of Rest
Week Three Mileage
360.67 miles
Week Four    
22. Mon, July 9th
Astoria, OR to Tillamook, OR
70.11 miles
23. Tues, July 10th
Tillamook, OR to Yachats, OR
100.00 miles
24. Wed, July 11th
Yachats, OR to Coos Bay, OR
76.17 Miles
25. Thurs, July 12th
Coos Bay, OR to Golds Beach, OR
81.03 Miles
26. Fri, July 13th
Golds Beach, OR to Klamath, CA
74.15 Miles
27. Sat, July 14th
Klamath, CA to McKinleyville, CA
54.80 Miles
28. Sun, July 15th
McKinleyville, CA Day of Rest
Week Four Mileage
456.26 miles
Week Five    
29. Mon, July 16th
McKinleyville, CA to Garberville, CA
89.05 Miles
30. Tues, July 17th
Garberville, CA to Fort Bragg, CA
67.37 Miles
31. Wed, July 18th
Fort Bragg, CA to Bodega Bay, CA
113.26 Miles
32. Thurs, July 19th
Bodega Bay, CA to Lafayette, CA
78.70 Miles
33. Fri, July 20th
Lafayette, CA Day of Rest
34. Sat, July 21st
Lafayette, CA Day of Rest
35. Sun, July 22nd
Lafayette, CA Day of Rest
Week Five Mileage
348.38 miles
Week Six    
36. Mon, July 23rd
Lafayette, CA to Santa Cruz, CA
97.16 Miles
37. Tues, July 24th
Santa Cruz, CA to Big Sur, CA
79.69 Miles
38. Wed, July 25th
Big Sur, CA to San Simeon, CA
71.76 Miles
39. Thurs, July 26th
San Simeon, CA to Lompoc, CA
96.69 Miles
40. Fri, July 27th
Lompoc, CA - Carpinteria, CA
71.07 Miles
41. Sat, July 28th
Carpinteria , CA - Huntington Beach, CA
126.73 Miles
42. Sun, July 29th
Huntington Beach, CA - Day of Rest
Week Six Mileage
543.10 Miles
43. Mon, July 30th
Huntington Beach, CA - Dana Point, CA
23.51 Miles
44. Tues, July 31st
Dana Point, CA to Tiajuana, Mexico
96.46 Miles
Week Seven Mileage
119.97 Miles
Total Trek Miles
2750.86 Miles
Total mileage may reflect additional mileage traveled to stay
with people and measurement error from the bike odometer.
Even so, we think the mileage is pretty close to accurate.