We would like to thank those
who are contributing to the treatment.
Thank You.

Carbon Fiber Bike Division
($1,000 and above)
Gary and Lynn Anderson
Fred and Candy Berthrong
Dan Campbell
Blair and Sue Garff
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Charles E. McHaney
(In honor of Marion Paton)

Mary E. Norris Family Trust
Dennis and Joan Norton
Joan Osborn
The Bob Whitman Family
Force For Good Foundation
Brent and Jeniel Dickson/Lucas Signatone

Titanium Bike Division
($750 - $999)
Mark Peterson
The Severson Family
Aluminum Bike Division
($500 - $749)
Berry Properties, Inc.
(In memory of Chuck & Christine Anderson)
Dr. Paul Alan Cox
Laurie Garff
Al and Maureen Lane
Thomas and Holly Love
Deborah and David Ballati
Jana and Daryl Raines
John and Becky Whetten
Steel Bike Division
($250 - $499)
Carol and Earl Benson
E. Candace Berthrong
John Green and Lisa Cameron
Ed and Janis Cherry
Mark and Norma Formanek
Melvin Goldman
John and Linda Halliday
Thomas and Susan Harlow
Dean and Helen Madsen
Katey McCreary
Rosie Merback
Georgia H. Meagher
Kieth and Dagny Merrill
Donald and Peggy Murray
William and Shanna Parmley
Sue and Larry Partington
Ben Pill
Pam and Bob West
Good Brakes Division
(5 cents per mile or $130-249)
Carol Christenson
Insurance Industry Charitable Fund
(Karen and Stephen Chin)
Ken Cromwell
Jerry and Barbara Davis
Andrew C. Durham
Greg Fox
Gary Golightly
Robert Holtzapple and Linda Haggerty
Gary and Dana Hamaker
Carter Hemming
Gordon Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Howes
Judson Lobdell
Patrick L. Malley
(In memory of Christine Anderson)
Kerry Merback
David and Georgia Owens
Bernard Petrie
Timothy Pugh
Stephen and Dianne Roland
Evelyn Rusk
David Schroeder
Mary and Charles Sink
Faith Lynn Smith (In memory of George Smith)
Kim and Craig Stevens
Boyd and Holly Tuttle
Stephen Wallace
Ed and Gayle Wells
Douglas and Terry Young
Nice Helmet Division
(4 cents per mile or $104-129)

Robbie and Stacey Alpanalp
Apple Valley Kiwanis-Wenatchee
(In memory of Talia King)
Ray and Clo Barnes
Margaret Berlin
Williams Berthrong
John and Diane Blatter
Ariel Bybee and Jim Ford
Monica Cote Cammarota
Jeri and Phil Cardon
Charles Stephen Cline
Dean and Nancy Criddle
David and Karen Dee
(In honor of The Anderson Family)
Tom and Mary Eggertsen
William and Joyce Ellison
Phillip and Marna Erying
Jordan Eth
Patrick and Suzanne Feeney
David and Sheila Gardner
Nancy and John Girard
Thomas and Cherlyn Hart
Floyd and Carol Hatch
Herbert S. Howes
John Holmgren and Elise Lomenzo
Jordan and Sandra Laby
Adam Lewis

Claudia Lewis and Edward Scal
Nancy and Jack Lockhart
Brad and Allyson Lyle
Jon and Judy Merrell
Bob and Carolynn McGlaughlin
Becky Miller (In honor of Illeana Peralta)
John and Jana Mullen
Chris Patz
Ashlee Phillips
Ashley and Diana Powell
Perrett Ranches
Cliff and Debra Rogers
Charlene & Greg Rynders
Marlene and Jonathan Sakol
Diane R. Sonntag
Ann and Lionel Sorenson
Colleen and John Stohlton
Tom and Diane Stone
Leslie and Bruce Tall
Carol and Brent Turley
Marne Tuttle
Frank Vance
Richard Vandenberg
Bill and Carol Wright
Dr. Joseph and Geri Yarris

New Tire Division
(2 cents per mile or $52)
Martha and Jay Ball
J.G. and M.W. Chamberlain
Michael Jon and Paula Clark
Nancy and Robert Clark
Casey and Lisa Crellin
Deborah Moore and Adam Dawson
Kathryn B. Durham
Dan and Sarah Fernsten
David and Katy Foulkes
Paul Friedman
Roy and Ann Elliott
First United Methodist Church
(of Bristol, Tennessee)
David and Kathryn Flett
Brian and Ashley Garff
Terri Garland
Marian and Roger Gray
    Valerie and Gary Goodrich
Vincent and Sandra Gordacan
Joan and Phil Hayes
Chris and Craig Honson
Michael and Carolynn Hoopes
Natalie Howes
Wes and Julie Hilton
Eugene Illovsky
Dave abd Dee Dee Jenson
George R. Johnston
Betty V. Jones
Milt and Kay Kane
Valerie and Kenneth Lett
Mary Lou Pope-Lowe
Hunter and Susan McCreary
Dean and Carol Miller
Murray, Utah Red Robin Employees
Wendall M. Moore
  Dick and Lindy Palfreyman
Paul and Melissa Pieper
Fern and George Pike
Steve and Carol Procter
Steve and Ruth Proctor
Georgia Reid
(In honor of Samantha Thomas)
Donald Roby
Karen Rosenbaum
Frankie Rutledge
Walter and Monika Schey
Laura and Peter Shumaker
Marvin and Marcia Storm
Charles and Gail Wagner
Mark Willis
Chuck and Judy Young

Water Bottle Division
(1 cent per mile or $26)

Bernice Ashbaugh
Michael and Hillary Ashe
Randy and Kathy Atkinson
Bob and Elaine Balderson
Tracie Bare
Timothy Barton
Jennifer Boehme
Whitney Bushman
Andrew Call
Gary and Tammy Bradley
Lorri and Chris Bryant
Thomas and Jacki Bugg
Tracy and Michael Butler
Donna Child
Andrea Clemens
Stephanie Crisp
Kelly Dayley
Ludine Decelle
Ralph and Mary Ann Degn
Dianne Dobson
Mickey and Valerie Edlefsen
Robert and Jennifer Ellis
Eckhard and Jean Fahrenbach
Kathy & Don Frederes
James and Bonnie Gaither
Adam and Michelle Garff
Shaun Garff
Jayme Harris
Alan Harwood
Debbie Hatley
Ron and Melissa Hilton
Steve and Jill Hoopes
E.B. Hopkin
Edward Hopkin
Pat and Wally Howell
Rob Howey
Paul and Bettie Hurley
Shirley May Jones
Judith Levitt Kennedy
Bryant and Darlyne King
Douglas and Mary Leihy
Andrew and Susan Less
Douglas and Mildred Lindley
Ray L. Lillywhite
Linda Jellema-Lee and Nick Lee
Arden and Mary Lehman
Suzanne Lindsey
Connie A. Linow Trust
Holly and Ernest Lutter
David and Donna Magness
Al Manzi
Jan & Carol McKee
John and Holliday McManigal
Bob and Robin Merritt
Kristin Merritt
Joe Merback
W. Dennis Merback
Todd and Patty Mickelson
Ashley D. Nackley
Kari Nelson
Reid Nielson
Dr. S. Packham
Diane Pruitt
Ryan Ricks
Mike and Pat Ruffolo
Ann Saccomanno
Paul T. Scannell
(In honor of Sarah Scannell)
Charlotte Schuyler
Spencer Swift
Louise E. Taylor
Allyson and Brent Toone
Tony Trentacosti
Jon and Carol Tuttle
Dean and Terry Utterback
Ashley Wagner
Brad Wallace
Brent and Leanne Weaver
Cecil and Stephanie Wills
Jack and Margo Yerman

The donation total on the EB Trek Home Page reflects all
anonymous donations in addition to donations listed on this page.