The goal for Team EB Trek is to raise $50,000 for EB Research. Our efforts are strictly voluntary, therefore all donations will go directly to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Fund (EBMRF).

EB Trek has established certain donation divisions for those who give. We appreciate all donors generosity however large or small. Donors who fall into one of these categories below will be recognized on the sponsors page of this website.


Online Donations


EB Trek 2001 Donation Divisions
Water Bottle Division
Steel Bike Division
1 cent per mile = $26.00
$250.00 Donation
New Tire Division
Aluminum Bike Division
2 cents per mile = $52.00
$500.00 Donation
Comfortable Seat Division
Titanium Bike Division
3 cents per mile = $78.00
$750.00 Donation
Nice Helmet Division
Carbon Fiber Bike Division
4 cents per mile = $104.00
$1000.00 Donation
Good Brakes Division
Surprise The Kids Division
5 cents per mile = $130.00
Any Amount You Want